Hunting enthusiast Ted Nugent took no prisoners with his musical campaign conducted at Nissan Pavilion on Tuesday, May 13, 2003, in Bristow, Virginia. The extraordinary guitarist enthusiastically waved the Stars & Stripes on stage before getting down to business.

     An intense version of "Free-For-All" rocked the house as Nugent and company kicked into gear. Wasting no time, the band went straight ahead into "Wango Tango", which featured an incendiary guitar solo by Nugent, kneeling and screaming for maximum effect.

     Nugent's pungent political remarks played well with his audience of fans. "There ain't no such thing as a French cowboy", was a choice retort by Nugent. "How about my George W. Bush?", generated a clamor of approval from the pavilion audience before the power trio began "Snakeskin Cowboys".

     "Welcome to the Nugent Bunker", was an accurate greeting from Nugent to the faithful assembled. His military compound motif resembled Fort Alamo crossed with a desert outpost under siege, protected by Old Glory. The Nuge introduced the hardcore rocker, "My Baby Likes My Butter on Her Gritz", as a new composition off his latest studio effort Craveman.

     "Kiss My Ass" was a fast-paced rocker dedicated to the Dixie Chicks and Sarah Brady. The gun-rights activist held up a machine gun and ragged on Ted Kennedy. Brandishing a bow and arrow, Nugent successfully shot an effigy image of Saddam Hussein in the heart that hung above the stage.

     Nugent's grinding guitar cranked out a fierce version of "Cat Scratch Fever". He added a crunching guitar solo for good measure. The Motor City madman strapped on an American Flag guitar for a heavy rendition of "Stranglehold". Nugent's fluid guitar playing and the rumbling bass lines of Barry Sparks brought the XXX-rocker to a bombastic crescendo.

     Drummer Tommy Clufetos pounded away on "Great White Buffalo" with support from his rhythm partner's galloping bass lines. Wearing an Indian Headdress, Nugent inserted a guitar solo of "The Star Spangled Banner" and rallied the spirits of the crowd by crying out, "Let's hear for the American Dream". Members of the audience frantically waved minature flags as the music climaxed.

     Nugent participated on a bill with the Kelly Bell Band and Kenny Wayne Shepherd with Double Trouble as opening acts at Bristow for ZZ Top's Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers 2003 Tour. The lawn section was closed, which allowed those ticket holders to sit in the 300 level of the pavilion.

Bristow setlist: Free-for-all * Wango Tango * Stormtroopin' * Snakeskin Cowboys * Wang Dang Doodle * Baby, Please Don't Go (instrumental) * Rawdogs And Warhogs * My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz * Hey Baby * Kiss My Ass * Cat Scratch Fever * Stranglehold * Great White Buffalo

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Bunker Nugent assaults Bristow
Ted Nugent's patriotic performance pumps up the people

by Timothy Tilghman