She has a remarkably subtle stage presence. Norah Jones brought her brand of soothing musical tones to DAR Constitution Hall on Monday, April 23, 2007, in Washington, D.C. Jones took her turn at the piano, on guitar or standing behind the microphone to entertain her appreciative audience.

     Her overall sound was never overpowering, yet Jones certainly made a point to display that her band can play within many musical genres. Jones also displayed her versatility on both the piano and the guitar; sometimes singing sans instrument altogether.

     "My Dear Country" was yet another tired example of Bush bashing, which has gotten so boring. Yes, the lyrics were rather amusing, but reflected the fixation that ole "W" had not legitimately won either Presidential contest. The next inauguration will be here soon enough for her commiserating fans to work themselves up over another electoral conundrum.

D.C. setlist: Come Away With Me * Those Sweet Words * Sun Don't Like Me * Not My Friend * Got To See You Again * Thinking About You * Be My Somebody * Rosie * Sunrise * Sinkin' Soon * Painter * My Dear Country * Little Room * I'm Gonna Get You Yet * For The Sake Of The Song * Until The End * Broken * Creepin' In * Hands On The Wheel * Encore: Cold Cold Heart * Don't Know Why * Long Way Home

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Simple, sweet and served with a smile
Norah Jones is an enigmatic talent with an ability to shift gears on stage

by Timothy Tilghman