One of Canada's finest exports, Neil Young, appeared with Crazy Horse in Camden, New Jersey, on Sunday, March 12, 2004. Young's performance-rock repertoire of his new disc, Greendale, addressed the intrusiveness of modern media upon communities across America like a cancer of the collective psyche.

Camden setlist: Falling From Above * Double E * Devil's Sidewalk * Leave The Driving * Carmichael * Bandit * Grandpa's Interview * Bringin' Down Dinner * Sun Green * Be The Rain * brief intermission * Hey, Hey, My, My * All Along The Watchtower * Like A Hurricane * Sedan Delivery * Only Love * Cowgirl In The Sand * Danger Bird * Roll Another Number

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A tale of Greendale, U.S.A.
Neil Young takes on the meglomaniacal media

by Timothy Tilghman