Peter Karp is a talented blues guitarist with an abillty to compose original material that reflects vivid imagery as well as playful humor. Karp and his Roadshow Band returned to perform at the intimate Kclinger's Tavern in Hanover, Pennsylvania, on January 17, 2007.

Hanover setlist: Taken To The Grave * The Arson's Match * Y'All Be Lookin' * Your Prettiness * Highway 61 * Rubberbands And Wire * Rolling On A Log * Goodbye Baby * Leave Your Hat On * You've Got A Problem * The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down * Air, Fuel And Fire * Shadows And Cracks * Stones In My Path * All I Really Want * intermission * That's How I Like It * The Turning Point * The Nietzsche Lounge * Her And My Blues * I'm Not Giving Up * Blues In Mind * Strange Groove * Like A Rolling Stone * Born To Face The Wind * Mojo Back * Lonely Love * Tangled Up In Blue * Encore: Blue Highway Cafe * She Wrote Me A Letter

RockonTour   Issue #65
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Blues with a twist of humor
Catch the R&B guitar power of Peter Karp on tour

by Timothy Tilghman