Brian Jones may have been his own worst enemy. He lived a brief life as an emerging British Rock star. His troubled musicianship as lead guitarist and founding member of the Rolling Stones is finally the subject of a film Stoned - The Movie.

     Stoned - The Movie attempts to shed light onto the life and into the death of Brian Jones. Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones was born in Cheltenham Spa on February 28, 1942. His strict parents and domestic homelife stifled his creative and musical talents. His good looks produced several illegitimate offspring from a number of beautiful women.

     The film opens with Brian Jones floating face down, immersed in his heated pool. This thematic decision may not have been the best way to begin his saga. Slowly, Jones drifts to the bottom of the pool. The facts surrounding the death of Brian Jones are debated by fans and foes alike.

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Decadence & Debauchery with style

The Bewildering & Bewitched Life of Brian Jones

by Timothy Tilghman