In a display of unwavering loyalty, Third Eye Blind received an intense welcome amid wails and cheers. For a Sunday night in Baltimore on April 29, 2007, 3EB was pumped to perform before a packed SRO crowd at Rams Head Live.

     3EB's immediate energy level exceeded the expectations of the audience as frontman Stephan Jenkins tore into "Losing A Whole Year" with the fans singing along for the ride. After a brief acoustic guitar intro with his vocal, Jenkins kept up the pace on the engaging pop-rocker "Crystal Baller". Female fans joined in on the rousing chorus, encouraged by Jenkins during his vocal break.

     Barefoot and seated on the drumkit, 3EB burst into "Narcolepsy" after a mellow intro. The driving drums of Brad Hargreaves were highlighted by a solo. The crowd became ecstatic and forcefully sang the lyrics to the intensity of the music.

     Jenkins, wearing a top hat, greeted the crushed crowd and announced that, "Our little rock band turned ten years old this month", during a subtle segue in the music. After inciting the fans further, 3EB reprised the melody jam, shifting abruptly to fade out for added effect.

     The easy intro on "Faster", another rocker off their third album that featured Jenkins on electric guitar, soon gave way for a tense band romp. With the band bathed in blue lighting, "Never Let You Go" began as an instrumental that launched into another work out for both the audience and the band.

     Jenkins introduced "Don't Like Me Now", the first of two new 3EB numbers to debut in the setlist. The moderate pop-rock based tune reflected their signature sound, anchored by sturdy percussion. "Graduate" had a hyped house shouting out the lyrics, which confirmed their devotion to this band.

     The mood was toned down for 3EB to perform in relaxed atmosphere unplugged. "Deep Inside Of You" showcased two acoustic guitars and acoustic bass with Hargreaves now on organ. Jenkins held a shaker on the country flavored "Can't Get Away". "Sharp Knife", the second new tune, was another example of confectionery rock.

     Charging into their mega-hit single, "Semi-Charmed Life", totally energized the audience, producing am intense reaction within the crowd. Jenkins on rhythm guitar ducked to miss a pair of red panties flung in his direction. "Thank you all very much for having us tonight", was Jenkins' comment ushered as a mellow segue ensued.

     An animated crowd sang the catchy chorus as 3EB sprinted toward a climax. The outro jam morphed into the classic rock power-ballad "Stairway To Heaven" complete with Jenkins and his top hat. The band exited the stage, gearing up for a power-punched encore.

Baltimore setlist: Losing A Whole Year * Crystal Baller * Wounded * Narcolepsy * Faster * Never Let You Go * Don't Like Me Now * Graduate * Darkness * Deep Inside Of You * Can't Get Away * Blinded * Good Man * Motorcycle Drive By * 1000 Julys * Sharp Knife * Jumper * Semi-Charmed Life > Stairway To Heaven * 1st Encore: Slow Motion * How's It Gonna Be * 2nd Encore: God Of Wine

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Jenkins & company get busy
Third Eye Blind charm their audience with total energy

by Timothy Tilghman