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Here comes the Son
Dhani Harrison is the voice of thenewno.2

by Timothy Tilghman

Approximately 45 years ago this February, George Harrison as a member of the Fabs made his debut on American television. The tremendous impact of The Beatles all those years ago is still being measured even today as the ripples from their soundquake continue to reverberate and influence latter generations of emerging musicians.

Dhani Harrison - guitar & effects deck & vocals, Jeremy Faccone - electric guitar, Jason Hiller bass guitar, John Saddoff - keyboards & guitar & backing vocals, and Oliver Hecks - drums.

Brooklyn setlist: You Were Never There (duet with Diego Garcia) * So Vain * Another John Doe * Crazy Tuesday * Give You Love * Idle Lover * Back To You * Shelter * Out Of Mind * Yomp * Choose What You're Watching

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