TorQue's inaugural appareance stateside was an opportuntity to host the first fundraising function on behalf of the John Entwistle Foundation. The band sponsored a silent auction of Entwistle memorabilia at B.B. King's Blues Club in New York City on Sunday, March 7, 2004.

NYC setlist: The Horror Rock Suite * Heaven And Hell * Piano Suite * Apron Strings * When You See The Light * Dancing Master > Talk Dirty * I'll Be Watching * Lucky One * Take Me * Had Enough * JEF Silent Auction intermission * Roller Skate Kate > Pel Leg Sue > Cell #7 * Too Much Talk * Is Anybody There * Boris The Spider * White Summer * Rippin' * Hard Time * My Wife

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TorQue remembers John Alec Entwistle
TorQue hosts an evening of memorabilia and music

by Timothy Tilghman