The popular Trop-rock ensemble, Captain Quint, appeared as the headlining act in Annapolis, Maryland, at the Rams Head Tavern on Friday, July 30, 2004. Begun as a tribute band in honor of Jimmy Buffett and his brand of music, Captain Quint have branched into creating their own musical style of original compositions.

     Captain Quint are Jim Bowley on vocals & guitar, Kevin Johnston on keyboards, Mike "Kufelbear" Kufel on drums, John Patti on Steel Drums, Kenny Polcak on bass, and Kaare Wieneke on Harmonica. The band recently underwent some personnel changes earlier in the year after deciding to commit to a permanent professional schedule of performances.

     A cinematic audio clip from the film Jaws set the scene for the band's stage entrance. The voice of Captain Quint inspired the band to name themselves after the fictional movie character. The Quint opened with "If All Hope Isn't Lost", a jaunty melody, to get the evening started. Wieneke's harmonica kept the tune moving.

     Bowley made mention of the fact that Captain Quint re-released their first disc, re-titling it Pineapple Jam V2. Their album track "On The Rocks" has become a recurring request on the web-based CoveRunner radio program. The catchy-Island pop tune was higlighted by Johnston's keyboard solo.

     Captain Quint's Annapolis performance included many Jimmy Buffett favorites such as "Come Monday", "Margarittaville", "Why Don't We Get Drunk?", and "Fins", just to name a few. Trop-rock is a funtastic form of musical entertainment with a growing audience.

Annapolis setlist: If All Hope Isn't Lost * Jamaica Farewell * Coconut Telegraph * Come Monday * Desperation Samba * Everybody's Got A Cousin * On The Rocks * It's 5 O'clock Somewhere * Rock Steady And Rum * I Will Play For Gumbo * One Particular Harbor * Son Of A Son Of A Sailor * Cheeseburger In Paradise * intermission * Thank God The Tiki Bar Is Open * The Weather Is Here * Volcano * A Pirate Looks At 40 * My Mind Paints Pictures * The Wino And I Know * Margaritaville * Livingston Saturday Night * Boat Drinks * High On Love * Brown Eyed Girl * Why Don't We Get Drunk? * Vulture In The Sky * Encore: Fins * Belize

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Tiki Bar time with Captain Quint

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