The International Rock Show Band appeared for their premiere performance as on the headlining act on the Main Stage at the Alexandira Waterfront Festival in Virginia on Friday, June 18, 2004. The individual members have impressive musical backgrounds from particpation in former bands.

     The I.R.S. Band features a diverse group of musicians with an eclectic resume: Mario Capiollina on bass - Huey Lweis & the News, Greg Douglass on guitar - the Steve Miller Band, Terry Ilous on vocals & occasional guitar - XYZ, Joey Molland on guitar - Badfinger, and Chris Slade on drums - AC/DC & The Firm.

     The fresh face and powerful vocals of Kacey Cubero adds a compelling component to the mix of this classic rock hit factory. Cubero contributed occassional electric guitar and tambourine. As the lone female, her youth and enthusiasm adds a little sparkle to the show.

Alexandria setlist: Heart Of Rock'n Roll * Baby Blue * Keep On Rockin' Me * You Shook Me * Come And Get It * Heart And Soul * Take The Money And Run * Diamond In The Rough * Hot Blooded * Jungle Love * Without You * Inside Out * Power Of Love * Radioactive * Can't Get Enough * Highway To Hell * Fly Like An Eagle * Jet Airliner * No Matter What * Thunderstruck * Encore: All Right Now * Whole Lotta Rosie

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International Jukebox Heroes
Joey Molland leads off a talented ensemble of musicians

by Timothy Tilghman