Keri Noble demonstrated her immense potential as an emerging artist at the Recher Theatre in Towson, Maryland, on Thursday, April 1, 2004. With the voice of a nightingale and a commanding presence on stage, Noble is poised to become an amazing female sensation on the album charts.

     Noble sat behind the keyboards and was supported on stage by acoustic guitarist Jeff Arundel who produced her debut disc Fearless. The prolific power ballad, "Let It Rain", showcased Keri Noble's sultry vocals.

     Noble confided to the audience her keyboard had broke on an earlier plane flight and that she had to sing sans keys at another appearance. The mellow and lush melody of "Piece Of My Heart" was accompanied by the subtle acoustic guitar work of Arundel.

     Arundel provided a rhythm guitar intro for the mild rock-influenced "I Write The Book", a composition by Patti Griffin. She sang her current single "Talk To Me", which evoked musical tones of Vanessa Carlton. Noble demonstrated strong musicianship with her soaring vocals and rich keyboard style.

     A welcome surprise of the evening's setlist was Noble's outstanding cover of "Use Me". Arundel's clever rearrangement of this 1973 Bill Withers tune was musically inspired. Noble delivered an animated vocal with emotion sans keyboards, which featured a cool extended acoustic guitar jam for the coda.

     "If No One Will Listen" is a beautiful keyboard-based ballad fueled by evocative lyrical imagery. Noble ended her all-too-brief stage appearance with a driven version of "I Won't", commenting prior that females in the audience usually respond strongly to her feminist-empowering message.

     The relationship emancipating-themed song was underscored by a lyric passage sung in Spanish complimented by a subtle Latin guitar solo by Arundel. The patient Towson audience were very appreciative of Keir Noble as an opening act for Howie Day.

Towson setlist: Let It Rain * About Me * Piece Of My Heart * I Write The Book * Talk To Me * Use Me Up * If No One Will Listen * I Won't

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Emerging talent with a fearless presence
Keri Noble commands front and center stage in Towson

by Timothy Tilghman