Katy Rose appeared as a participating female artist on the Chicks with Attitude Tour, performing in Washington, D.C., at the 9:30 Club on Saturday, September 3, 2004. Rose continues to support her album, Because I Can, released in January 2004.

     Upon taking the stage, Rose dedicated her set to, "the strength and resilience of the human soul", as the band launched into "I Like". Rose sang sans playing the guitar strung around her, only occasionally playing chords.

     'Catch", as performed by her backing band, let loose a cool beat, supported by melodic bass lines. Rose displayed her talent for strong, assured vocals. "So I'm Katy Rose and this is our last show", was her personable greeting to the crowd before introducing the members of her band.

     The intelligent beat of "Rain" presented pop-rock at it's best by her tight rhythm section in action. Rose sat before the keyboards and chatted a bit. The tough melody of "Snow" was accompanied by a surprisingly sultry vocal delivered by Rose.

     Rose commented, "This has been the best tour", before her she sang her last song of the evening. The fierce melody of "Vacation" was underscored by Rose's electric rhythm guitar passages. During the number, a segue shifted the tempo as Rose sang the lyrics to "Add It Up" by the Violent Femmes. Rose collapsed onto the stage as the band jammed into a climatic finale.

     Surprisingly, the number of males in the audience for the Chicks with Attitude concert in DC were older than the female performers appearing on the bill. The Chicks with Attitude Tour line-up featured Charlotte Martin, Ms. Rose, The Cardigans, and Liz Phair.

     Charlotte Martin, the tour opening artist, sang "Wild Horses" solo on piano. The Stones classic was camped out when two of her tour mates popped on stage riding pony sticks. The Cardigans were welcomed heartily by the crowd. They delivered a solid set for their duration of time on stage.

DC setlist: I Like * Catch * Rain * Snow * Lemon * Keeping * Overdrive * Vacation > Add It Up

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