Jonathan Richman ended his summer tour at the Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, on Saturday, June 28, 2003. Trusty drumming sidekick, Tommy Larkins, was parked behind Richman, providing the perfect percussion accent to empower their performance.

     The world of Jonathan Richman is rife with colorful characters that live within his musical mind. His tongue-in-cheek tales of love and lust are comical and rich in detail. Richman began his set with "He Gave Us The Wine To Taste It".

     Surprisingly, Richman performed his wonderful film track title tune "There's Something About Mary" without any ad libs or rap comments. His decision to perform a straight rendition of "TSB Mary" captured everyone's attention.

     "Her Mystery Not Of High Heels And Eye Shadow" is the compelling title track of his last studio effort. Larkins' subtle drumming gave the moderate tempo the right nudge. Richman played an acoustic guitar solo as the number faded away.

     "Springtime In New York" offers Richman's humorous glimpse at an average guy's daily routine in the Big Apple. The Rehoboth Beach crowd erupted in cheers and applause for this.

     Richman's profile shot sky high with his cameo appearances in the 1998 hit movie "There's Something About Mary". He appeared on the bill between two other acts at the seaside venue. Richman and Larkins were prepared to drive cross-country to return to the West Coast.

Rehoboth Beach setlist: He Gave Us The Wine To Taste It * Give Paris One More Chance * Egyptian Reggae * Let Her Go Into The Darkness * There's Something About Mary * I Was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar * Old World * Her Mystery Not Of high Heels And Eye Shadow * Pablo Picsaso * My Baby Love Love Loves Me * Behold The Lillies Of The Field * Vincent Van Gogh * Here It Is * Couples Must Fight * Springtime In New York * All Day All Night Mary Ann * The World Is Showing Its Hand * Vampire Girl * Encore: Walter Johnson

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His Mystery Not of Acoustic Guitar and Percussion
Jonathan Richman's musical anecdotes on life, lunch and lesbians

by Timothy Tilghman