Known simply by her initials, L.P. appeared at the Cafe Tattoo in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, June 6, 2003. Her stage consisted of songs from her 2001 debut disc, Heart Shaped Scar, and a self-titled demo disc from 2002. Her material comes alive on stage and engages her audience.

     LP's support band included Scott Campbell on drums, Tony Finn on rhythm guitar, Josh Flagg on lead guitar, and Scott Kelliher on bass guitar. The backing musicians empower her stage performance and pack a punch with only sevens months of stage time together as a touring group.

     Finn called out, "Who wants some rock'n roll?", to arouse the intimate Baltimore audience as the band prepared to launch into "Heartless" off the studio demo disc. The quick rocker featured the outstanding lyrics of LP and Kelliher's thumping bass lines.

     "Never Was", another demo track, began with Finn's extended guitar intro. Kelliher's runaway bass lines propelled the driving rocker, which showcased LP's wailing vocal-style. LP was joined by Campbell for the intro on the melodic pop-rocker "Wasted". Finn's lead guitar generated cheers and applause.

     "Thanks you guys, I am LP. We are LP. We are a band", was LP's confirmation of the cohesive structure of her live sound. LP prefaced "Huge In Japan" with her comical comment that, "We're huge in Japan". Her humorous lyrics were punctuated by Campbell's crashing drums on the chorus.

Baltimore setlist: Heartless * Never Was * Wasted * Little Death * Huge In Japan * Can't Shake It * Nowhere * Hell If I Know * Suburban Sprawl * Change Of Scenery * All I Have * Perfect * Encore: Creep * Love Somebody

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LP in extended play
LP headlines on stage in Charm City

by Timothy Tilghman