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It's a Happy Hippy Quake!

The Pete Best Band makes a pit stop at Club 66 in Harford County

by Timothy Tilghman

One could almost miss the venue if you didn't know what you were looking for; and the band drove right by actually. Tucked away in rural Harford County is Club 66; perhaps the most unknown well known private music lodge in Maryland. The Pete Best Band were welcomed at Club 66 in Edgewood on Friday, October 5, 2007. The lads really shook the joint to its rafters.

The Pete Best Band is anchored by their steady leader, Pete Best. Joining him on drumming chores is his younger brother Roag Best. Together with three talented vocalists, the PBB are a powerhouse garage band that has outgrown the Cavern environment. Lead guitarist Phil Melia, bassist Paul Parry, and rhythm guitarist Tony Flynn all add their own unique vocal styles to the PBB stage mix.

Dave Rode, owner of Club 66, offered his heartfelt introduction for Pete Best & the Pete Best Band and the Edgewood natives responded in roaring approval. The intense moment ignited an incendiary romp through "Slow Down". The animated audience hyped up the band's already supercharged performance.

Parry brought Pete Best forward to greet the crowd. Best thanked Rode and queried the house, "What are we?" "Rowdy!", came the bombastic reply. Having encouraged the crowd to clap, Pete recognized the Cha-Cha Boom Girls in the audience. The standing room only audience began to crowd the front area of the elevated stage as the lads launched into the classic Lennon rocker, "One After 909".

The Best Brothers dueted and dueled on their drumkits during "Besame Mucho". Melia sang the old Harrison staple "Three Cool Cats". One of McCartney's early compositions, "Like Dreamers Do", is a standout in the PBB setlist not to be missed. Parry outdid himself on "Till There Was You". He absolutely nailed a flawless vocal rendition on that romantic showtune.


And as if just to show off, Parry commenced a belting version of "Long Tall Sally", displaying his versatile vocal abilities. Sporadic dancing was breaking out among the lodge members. Quick with a cute quip, Flynn took his turn at the mike with the ever-ready pop rocker "Rock And Roll Music". Right on its heels, the PBB wound up their churning guitars on "Money (That's What I Want)", also sung by an energetic Flynn.

Parry inadvertently reintroduced Pete Best, but corrected himself. Instead, Dave blessed the lads with a Tequila Toast as Flynn playfully teased the rhythm chords for "Tequila" on his guitar. The group then shifted gears into "Cry For A Shadow", an antiquated but cool 1961 Beatles instrumental. With the crowd now chanting, "Pete!", Best stepped forward and asked, "Are you having a good time Club 66?"

Best mentioned the 1961 Polydor single by Tony Sheridan, "My Bonnie", that featured the fledgling Beatles as backing musicians. While he addressed the house, another Tequila Toast was delivered on stage. Pete asked, "Can you all sing? We're gonna test you", before returning to his drumseat. Melia began "My Bonnie" in a mellow style, but the PBB quickly spiked the tempo as Melia's spirited guitar solo generated further excitement.

Parry ripped into "Lucille" like a child tearing at a Christmas gift. The kinetic jam showcased the high-energy output of this fantastic touring unit. "You Really Got A Hold On Me" is a recent musical selection that highlights the triple harmonies of Paul, Phil and Tony. "Some Other Guy" is a Liverpool favorite that the PBB pound out with gusto.

Parry handled lead vocals on the Beatlemania scorcher "I Saw Her Standing There". Moving violations swept up the female floor fans who began dancing to this memorable soundtrack song from their youth. Flynn kept the dancing going with his fierce vocal on the infectious "Twist And Shout". Flynn worked the crowd, egging on the audience to sing along and dance in a climactic finish.


The crowd pleaser, "Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey", closed the PBB concert. The audience interacted on vocals, calling back the title lyric. Ending in a crescendo of sound, the Fab five bowed before an appreciative house. Pete barked, "Would you like another one!", holding the microphone stand out over the audience. Best invited Club 66 owner Dave to join the Pete Best Band for their encore. Rode sang "Johnny B. Goode", enjoying himself immensely and interjected his percussion rhythms during a protracted jam session.

In the middle of the madness, Melia's instrument became unplugged, silencing his guitar. The Edgewood audience was exceedingly overjoyed by the PBB performance and demonstrated this fact rather loudly. Rode coaxed the crowd for the Pete Best Band to reappear on the Club 66 stage. The motivated band tossed a curve ball in choosing to perform "Hippy Hippy Shake" as a second encore. Parry stunned the clamoring crowd with his intense vocal delivery.

The Fall 2007 PBB setlist boasted three new title additions, and this extra encore sealed the deal. Nobody wanted the PBB to end the amazing level of entertainment. PBB fans should know that the Pete Best Band have been busy at work in the Casbah Club studio, polishing up tracks that will appear on their new album projected for a 2008 release. Stay tuned to to keep abreast of PBB plans to launch a Spring 2008 Tour.

Club member George Romanic won the house raffle, securing a Snare Drum autographed personally by Pete Best. Club 66 was once a 1927 lodge that time has forgotten, sandwiched alongside a motor repair shop. Last operated as an American Legion Post in 1985, Club 66 opened featuring the Route 66 Band. Over the years, this quiet club established quite a reputation for drawing name artists and bands to appear on its intimate stage.


PBB Pix: 1) The Pete Best Band @ Club 66; 2) Pete Best's Bass Drum; 3) Pete Best; 4) Dave Rode; 5) guitarist Phil Melia;
6) drummer Roag Best; 7) bassist Paul Parry + 8) guitarist Tony Flynn

Edgewood setlist: Slow Down * What I'd Say * One After 909 * Please Mister Postman * P.S. I Love You * Roll Over Beethoven * Besame Mucho * Ain't She Sweet * Three Cool Cats * Hello Little Girl * Like Dreamers Do * Till There Was You * Long Tall Sally * Rock And Roll Music * Money * Cry For A Shadow * My Bonnie * Lucille * You Really Got A Hold On Me * Sweet Georgia Brown * Some Other Guy * I Saw Her Standing There * Twist And Shout * Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey * 1st Encore: Johnny B. Goode w/Dave Rode * 2nd Encore: Hippy Hippy Shake

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