Tom Jones appeared at the Wolf Trap Filene Center in Vienna, Virginia, on Monday, June 22, 2004. He was supporter by a large musical ensemble that embellished his performance. Jones covered the memorable hits, recognizable ballads, contemporary numbers, and even squeezed in some actual rock'n roll for those keeping score.

     Jones recently celebrated his 64th birthday on June 7th. The voice of Tom Jones is undiminished with time, and his stage presence remains commanding. The ladies in the audience continued to wave and toss their under garments at him. Jone s clearly has his territory marked off.

     His audience was a peculiar mix of primarily older couples and baby booming women, but there were younger women throughout the crowd as well. The D.J. from Big 100 gave the ladies pointers on how to fire their panties like slingshots rather than a tossing motion that might fail to reahc the stage.

     Jones opened with "Tom Jones International" from his latest studio edffort, a number he collaborated on with Wyclef Jean. TJ wriggled his butt which ignited a round of squeals and cheers from his female fans. Jones later remarked that, "Wolf Trap, that's a heavy name, I like that".

Vienna setlist: Tom Jones International * Mama Told Me Not To Come * Delilah * The Letter * I Who Have Nothing * We've Got Tonight * Help Yourself * She's A Lady * Venus * If Only I Knew * 16 Tons * Working In A Coalmine * What Am I Living For * Never Fall In Love Again * Green Green Grass Of Home * What's New Pussycat * Leave Your Hat On * Sexbomb * It's Not Unusual * Encore: That's All Right Mama > Big Boss Man > High Heel Sneakers * Kiss

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Incoming Panties!
Tom Jones remains the quintessential Ladies Man

by Timothy Tilghman