Tony Levin brought his arsenal of bass guitars to Annapolis, Maryland. The Tony Levin Band appeared at the intimate Rams Head On Stage before an appreciative audience on Friday, June 2, 2006. Levin is promoting his new album Resonator, showcasing his turn at lead vocals on this tour.

     The Tony Levin Band features Jesse Gress on guitar, Larry Fast on synthesizer, Pete Levin on keyboards, and Jerry Marotta on drums. Fast and Marotta are, along with Levin on bass, alum from Peter Gabriel's touring band of the late `70s and early `80s.

     In an unanticipated move, Gress, Marotta and the Levin Brothers stood together as a Barber Shop Quartet to serenade the crowd with a humorous greeting. Members of the band took a few snaps of the seatd audience before commencing the evening performance.

     "Pieces Of The Sun" launched the TLB set with a puse burst, an instrumental title track from Levin's previous solo album. Levin played a bow on a slim bass before switching to a conventional bass with finger stick extensions.

Annapolis setlist: TLB Barber Shop Quartet * Pieces Of The Sun * Break It Down * Shadowland * What Would Jimi Do * Sleepless * Places To Go * Belle * Beyond My Reach * Crisis Of Faith * Phobos * Utopia * Back In NYC * Encore: Fragile As A Song * On The Air * Elephant Talk * Don't Give Up

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Nimble fingers along the bass
The Tony Levin Band is arresting on stage

by Timothy Tilghman