The Rolling Stones are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in mega-style. The band recently launched its 2002 Licks World Tour last month in Boston and is now releasing its first comprehensive compilation collection, Forty Licks. Spanning their entire career, Stones fans are being treated to a few new licks from the band.

    The second disc includes four new Rolling Stones recordings, "Don't Stop" the anticipated new single, "Stealing My Heart", "Keys to Your Love", and "Losing My Touch" sung by Keith Richards. These four studio tracks were recorded in Paris this past Spring with producer Don Was. Was was involved with the band for its last two studio albums, 1997's Bridges to Babylon and 1994's Voodoo Lounge.

    "They're not old tunes that we dug up or even things that were relatively new. These are new new", Mick Jagger stated. "'Don't Stop' is the single-ly one. 'Stealing My Heart' is more like garage rock with a hook. 'Keys To Your Love' is kind of like a soul ballad, but not very slow. It has a kind of 'Beast of Burden' tempo. And 'Losing My Touch' is Keith singing a ballad, and that is very slow".

    Virgin Records cooperated in conjunction with ABKCO Records to assemble the track listing for Forty Licks. This double disc set features many of the major Rolling Stones classics recorded over the last 38 years. The band premiered on stage in London on July 12, 1962, and released their first vinyl single, "Come On", on June 7, 1963.

    The album title works as a metaphor with the band insignia. Currently during staged live performances, an outrageous tongue cartoon visually enhances their presentation of "Honky Tonk Women". The Glimmer Twins' recorded work, with a little help from their friends, offers a convincing claim to the title "World's Greatest Rock'n Roll Band".

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ABKCO & Virgin compile historic hits
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