The Beatles Anthology DVD features five new Beatle recordings conducted by the surviving band members during preparations to produce the 1995 Thanksgiving Holiday television special. The expanded Beatles Anthology DVD debuted in the top spot at #1 on Billboard's charts.

     Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr recorded the bonus Anthology tracks with the late George Harrison during the jam sessions they conducted to embellish the John Lennon compositions, "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love", released as singles.

     "Thinking Of Linking" is a track that had been practiced by The Beatles for inclusion on an album as early as 1962. The unreleased song was composed by Macca when he was just 16. Recorded at the late George Harrison's estate, Friar Park Studios, the final Beatles recording features McCartney and Harrison on guitars with Starr behind the skins.

     The late George Harrison reprises a rendition of "Raunchy", the song he auditioned on electric guitar to join The Bealtes in 1958. "Ain't She Sweet" and "Baby What You Want Me To Do" were both relaxed recordings made in Harrison's garden, featuring two ukuleles with Starr slapping his thighs.

Beatles Reunion Tracks
Thinking Of Linking
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Ain't She Sweet
Baby What You Want Me To Do

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New Beatles music released
Anthology DVD boasts 5 NEW BEATLE TRACKS

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