Speculation is running rampant that the Rolling Stones are considering interrupting their 2003 Licks European Tour to come to the aid of an ailing Toronto tourist industry. The WHO had declared Toronto as a SARS health threat, which crippled tourism to the Ontario province.

     The British rockers have given a conditional agreement to appear at Downsview Park in Toronto, Ontario, at a free concert supported by government and business sponsors. The date is fluctuating between July 29 and August 2, 2003. Canadian officials, who are struggling to match the guarantee the band asked to subsidize their participation, have been met with opposition by rival political parties, taxpayer watch groups, and public dissent.

     The Stones have held their last three rehearsal sessions in Toronto in preparation for three consecutive North American tours. 1994's Voodoo Lounge, 1997's Bridges To Babylon, and 2002's Licks tours were all hammered out behind tight security for the classic rock veterans.

     The Stones have a fondness for Toronto that began in March 1977, when the band arranged two performances at the El Macombo Club with tracks recorded for inclusion on Love You Live. Keith Richards survived his ordeal with the Canadian Mounted Police and walked before they made him run.

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